About Us

The Global Value Chains Initiative (GVCI) is a network of researchers, activists, and policymakers that seeks to foster the development of the GVC perspective, an industry-centric view of economic globalization that highlights the linkages between economic actors across geographic space. It is an ongoing effort to test and develop the GVC perspective with the aims of creating greater analytical precision, intellectual impact and policy relevance.

The goals of the GVCI are two-fold. The first is to advance the GVC perspective in the realm of academia. We seek to clarify and consolidate the theoretical underpinnings of the approach. What accounts for the observable differences in GVCs? The second is to develop more effective tools for policymakers and activists seeking to promote economic development through sustainable industrial upgrading and employment creation.

Members of the Initiative began working together in 2000.  The original co-organizers are Gary Gereffi of the Duke University Global Value Chains Center; John Humphrey of the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Sussex; and Timothy Sturgeon, of the Industrial Performance Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The GVCI formally began in 2005 with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to develop the GVC website. 

The Duke Global Value Chains Center is the home of the GVC Initiative. In 2014, the Center received support to upgrade and expand the GVC website and host a Global Summit to bring together GVC practitioners and academics to facilitate and enhance communication between research and application

The network's efforts include a research agenda, a publishing thrust, the development and dissemination of handbooks for practitioners, and workshops convened to test and broaden the framework through interactions with our network partners and with the broader academic, policy-making and activist communities. The GVC Initiative seeks to build upon on a wealth of research on how the global organization of industries is changing. The content of the Web site provides indications of our progress and our success.

If you have questions or suggestions for publications to add to the website, please contact us at gvc@duke.edu.