Oct 29

Dec 3

  • Event Date(s): 12/03/2012 to 12/05/2012

    Building on Capturing the Gains research in apparel, agro-food, mobile phones and tourism, the aims of the Summit were to:

    • Define a set of goals for economic and social upgrading in value chains in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
    • Agree an action plan between key stakeholders to achieve these goals.
    • Encourage strategic partnerships.

    Questions discussed included:

    • What are the implications of the rise of global and regional value chains for international trade and development policy?
    • How can we build more resilient value chains that support the economic and social upgrading of workers and producers?
    • How can we develop an action plan to promote skills and enable better community services for the value chains of the future?

    Delegates included influential stakeholders from governments, business, civil society and non-governmental organizations, academics, policy makers, and donor and research institutes.The three-day program combined open panel discussions and closed session workshops. To encourage the widest possible participation, access was provided to open panel sessions through interactive webcasts through the Capturing the Gains website