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Industry: Apparel/Clothing/Garments

Global Value Chains, Local Collective Action and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Empirical Evidence Publication
Globalization and Restructuring of African Commodity Flows Publication
Globalization and the changing clothing industry in Turkey Publication
Globalization and The New Entrepreneurial Strategies in Brazilian Textile Chain Publication
Globalization, Industrialization and Sustainable Growth: The Pursuit of the Nth Rent Publication
Globalization, Poverty and Inequality Publication
Globalization, the Changed Global Dynamics of the Clothing and Textile Value Chains and the Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa Publication
Goto, Kenta Person
Governance, Entry Barriers, Upgrading: A Re-Interpretation of Some GVC Concepts from the Experience of African Clothing Exports Publication
Governing Consumption: buyer-supplier relationships in the Indonesian retailing business Publication
Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment for Local Development? Spillovers in Apparel Global Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa Publication
Hassler, Markus Person
Hines, Tony Person
Hobelsberger, Christine Person
Huyen, Nguyen Person
India's apparel exports: the challenge of global markets Publication
Industrial and Firm Upgrading in the European Periphery: The textile and clothing industry in Turkey and Bulgaria Publication
Industrial Districts, Magic Circles, and the Restructuring of the Italian Textiles and Clothing Chain Publication
Industrialization Trajectories in Madagascar’s Export Apparel Industry: Ownership, Embeddedness, Markets, and Upgrading Publication
Influence des stratégies locales dans les chaînes globales de valeur: Le cas de Madagascar Publication
Institutional Brokerage and the Governance of Global Value Chains; the case of the US apparel industry Publication
Integrating design and retail in the clothing value chain. An empirical study of the organisation of design Publication
International Exposure, Domestic Response: Financiers, Weavers and Garment Manufacturers in Morocco and Tunisia Publication
International Trade and Industrial Upgrading in the Apparel Commodity Chain Publication
Is Social Upgrading Occurring in the Bangladesh Apparel Industry Publication