Institutions include international, regional and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, statistical organizations, industry associations and other groups that have staff in-house or contract with outside organizations to conduct value chain studies.

These groups publish GVC guides, toolkits and handbooks and actively produce reports, working papers and books that provide industry and geographic-specific case studies. These organizations are interested in GVC research as a framework to guide policymaking that takes into account the economic, social and/or environmental concerns of the institution.

Name Location
Aalborg University Denmark
ACDI-VOCA United States
ACE Institute of Management Nepal
ACIAR Australia
Action for Enterprise United States
African Studies Centre, Leiden University Netherlands
Agri-Africa South Africa
American Center for International Labor Solidarity United States
American University United States
Amsterdam research Institute of Metropolitan and International Development Studies Netherlands
Anand Agricultural University India
Anglia Ruskin University UK
Ankara University Turkey
Argosy University Online United States
Arizona State University United States
ASEAN Secretariat Indonesia
Association of Caribbean Energy Specialists Trinidad and Tobago
Auburn University United States
Auckland University of Technology New Zealand
Australian National University Australia
Austrian Academy of Science Austria
Azad University of Tehran Iran
B&M Analysts South Africa
Babson College United States
Banares Hindu University India
Banco de Portugal Portugal
Bandung Institute of Technology Indonesia
Bank Indonesia Indonesia
Beijing Normal University China
Bilkent University Turkey
Bocconi University, Milan Italy
Bogor Agriultural Institute Indonesia
Boston University United States
Bradford University UK
Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property Brazil
Bridgeway Consulting Ltd Nigeria
Brunel University UK
Budapest University of Economic Sciences Hungary
CAF, Andean Development Corporation Venezuela
Cairo University Egypt
California Polytechnic State University United States
California State University, San Marcos United States
Cambridge University UK
Cardiff University UK
CARE USA United States
Carleton University Canada
Case Western Reserve University United States
Center for Local and Regional Development Faroe Islands
Central European University Hungary
Centre for Advanced Training in Rural Development, Berlin Germany