Journal: Capturing the Gains Working Paper

Datesort ascending Title
2014 Social and economic upgrading in floriculture global value chains: flowers and cuttings GVCs in Uganda
2014 Social and economic up and downgrading in Brazil’s hortifruiticulture
2014 Global and regional supermarkets: implications for producers and workers in Kenyan and Ugandan horticulture
2014 Improving wages and working conditions in the Bangladeshi garment sector: the role of horizontal and vertical relations
2013 Tourism overview: changing end markets and hyper competition
2013 The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
2013 Restructuring of post-crisis GPNs: tourism in Indonesia
2013 Capturing the jobs from globalization: trade and employment in global value chains
2013 Innovation and upgrading in global production networks
2013 Local embeddedness, upgrading and skill development: global value chains and foreign direct investment in Lesotho’s apparel industry
2013 Aid for Trade in a world of global value chains: chain power, the distribution of rents and implications for the form of aid
2013 How social upgrading drives economic upgrading by Indian IT majors: the case of telecom IT services
2013 Vulnerable workers and labour standards (non-)compliance in global production networks: home-based child labour in Delhi’s garment sector
2013 Developing countries in the global apparel value chain: a tale of upgrading and downgrading experiences
2013 Economic and social upgrading in global logistics
2013 ‘Precarious upgrading’ in electronics global production networks in Central and Eastern Europe: the cases of Hungary and Romania
2013 Workers’ agency and re-working power relations in Cambodia’s garment industry
2013 Local embeddedness and economic and social upgrading in Madagascar’s export apparel industry
2013 Developmental uses of mobile phones in Kenya and Uganda
2013 The zero-fee tour: price competition and network downgrading in Chinese tourism
2013 Poverty and local linkages in the tourism value chain: a study of upland economies in China and India
2013 New strategies of industrial organization: outsourcing and consolidation in the mobile telecom sector in India
2013 The Co-Evolution of Concentration in Mobile Phone Global Value Chains and its Impact on Social Upgrading in Developing Countries
2013 Better Work in Central America: assessing the opportunities for upgrading in Nicaragua’s apparel sector
2013 International airline groups in Africa