Journal: Capturing the Gains Working Paper

Datesort ascending Title
2014 Global and regional supermarkets: implications for producers and workers in Kenyan and Ugandan horticulture
2014 Improving wages and working conditions in the Bangladeshi garment sector: the role of horizontal and vertical relations
2014 Social and economic upgrading in floriculture global value chains: flowers and cuttings GVCs in Uganda
2014 Social and economic up and downgrading in Brazil’s hortifruiticulture
2013 New strategies of industrial organization: outsourcing and consolidation in the mobile telecom sector in India
2013 The Co-Evolution of Concentration in Mobile Phone Global Value Chains and its Impact on Social Upgrading in Developing Countries
2013 Better Work in Central America: assessing the opportunities for upgrading in Nicaragua’s apparel sector
2013 International airline groups in Africa
2013 Capabilities, costs, networks and innovations: impact of mobile phones in rural India
2013 Economic and social upgrading in tourism global production networks: findings from Uganda
2013 Towards sustainable labour costing in UK fashion retail
2013 Governance and upgrading in export grape global production networks in India
2013 Tourism overview: changing end markets and hyper competition
2013 The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
2013 Restructuring of post-crisis GPNs: tourism in Indonesia
2013 Capturing the jobs from globalization: trade and employment in global value chains
2013 Innovation and upgrading in global production networks
2013 Local embeddedness, upgrading and skill development: global value chains and foreign direct investment in Lesotho’s apparel industry
2013 Aid for Trade in a world of global value chains: chain power, the distribution of rents and implications for the form of aid
2013 How social upgrading drives economic upgrading by Indian IT majors: the case of telecom IT services
2013 Vulnerable workers and labour standards (non-)compliance in global production networks: home-based child labour in Delhi’s garment sector
2013 Economic and social upgrading in global logistics
2013 Developing countries in the global apparel value chain: a tale of upgrading and downgrading experiences
2013 ‘Precarious upgrading’ in electronics global production networks in Central and Eastern Europe: the cases of Hungary and Romania
2013 Workers’ agency and re-working power relations in Cambodia’s garment industry