Journal: Environment and Planning A

Datesort ascending Title
2016 New Dynamics of Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Shifting Terrain for Suppliers and Workers in the Global South
2016 Regionalism, end markets and ownership matter: Shifting dynamics in the apparel export industry in Sub Saharan Africa
2014 The Evolutionary Dynamics of Biofuel Value Chains: From Unipolar and Government-Driven to Multipolar Governance
2011 Shifts in Value Chain Governance and Upgrading in the European Periphery of Automotive Production: Evidence from Bursa, Turkey
2011 Forging the neoliberal competitiveness agenda: planning policy and practice in the Dutch and Colombian Cut Flower Commodity Chains
2010 The missing link between technological standards and value-chain governance: the case of patent-distribution strategies in the mobile-communication industry
2010 Fairness and ethicality in their place: The regional dynamics of fair trade and ethical sourcing agendas in the plantation districts of South India
2010 Exclusivity of private governance structures in agro-food networks: Bayer and the food retailing and processing sector in India
2010 Knowledge, space and economic governance: The implications of knowledge-based commodity chains for less-favoured regions
2009 From manufacturing garments for ready-to-wear to designing collections for fast fashion: evidence from Turkey
2006 Whither global production networks in economic geography? past, present and future
2006 The global sourcing patterns of French clothing retailers: Determinants and implications for suppliers' industrial upgrading
2006 Upgrading, changing competitive pressures and diverse practices in the East and Central European apparel industry
2006 Explaining Turkey's emergence and sustained competitiveness as a full-package supplier of apparel
2006 Surviving at the margins? Deindustrialisation, the creative
2006 Regional trade and production blocs in a global industry: toward a comparative framework for research
2004 Changing Governance Patterns in the Trade in Fresh Vegetables between Africa and the United Kingdom
2003 Globalization and the changing clothing industry in Turkey
2000 Organizing the Indonesian Clothing Industry in the Global Economy: the Role of Business networks