Journal: International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development

Datesort ascending Title
2011 What are the implications for global value chains when the market shifts from the north to the south?
2011 Going mobile in China: shifting value chains and upgrading in the mobile telecom sector
2011 Shifting End Markets and Upgrading Prospects in Global Value Chains
2011 Upgrading of smallholder agro-food production in Africa: the role of lead firm strategies and new markets
2011 Global value chains in the automotive industry: an enhanced role for developing countries?
2011 Upgrading and restructuring in the global apparel value chain: why China and Asia are outperforming Mexico and Central America
2011 Value chain dynamics, local embeddedness, and upgrading in the clothing sectors of Lesotho and Swaziland
2011 The Offshore Services Value Chain: Upgrading Trajectories in Developing Countries
2011 Global value chains in the electronics industry: characteristics, crisis, and upgrading opportunities for firms from developing countries
2011 Labour standards and technological upgrading: competitive challenges in the global football industry
2009 The North American automotive value chain: Canadas role and prospects
2009 The past, present and future of Chinas automotive industry: a value chain perspective
2009 Auto-component industry in Asia: structure, trade patterns and potential for further upgrading
2009 Globalisation of the automotive industry: main features and trends
2008 Value chain analysis: a tool for enhancing export supply policies
2008 Fuelling the global value chains: what role for logistics capabilities?
2008 Mapping integrative trade: conceptualising and measuring global value chains
2008 Linking to global logistics value chains: an imperative for developing countries
2008 Inter-firm relationships in global value chains: trends in chain governance and their policy implications