Journal: World Development

Datesort descending Title
1994 Japanese Maquiladoras: Production organization and global commodity chains
1995 Small Shoemakers and Fordist Giants: Tale of a Supercluster
1998 Trade and industrial policy on an uneven playing field: The case of the deciduous fruit canning industry in South Africa
1999 Can Africa Industrialize by Processing Primary Commodities? The Case of Mozambican Cashew Nuts
1999 Global Competition and Local Cooperation: Success and Failure in the Sinos Valley, Brazil
2001 Upgrading Primary Production: A Global Commodity Chain Approach
2001 Local Clusters in Global Chains: The Causes and Consequences of Export Dynamism in Torreons Blue Jeans Industry
2002 The Latte Revolution: Regulation, Markets and Consumption in the Global Coffee Chain
2002 The Globalization of Product Markets and Immiserizing Growth: Lessons from the South African Furniture Industry
2003 A Gendered Value Chain Approach to Codes of Conduct in African Horticulture
2003 The African Growth and Opportunity Act and the Global Commodity Chain for Clothing
2003 Socially Embedding the Commodity Chain: An Exercise in Relation to Coir Yarn Spinning in Southern India
2005 Governing the Coffee Chain: The Role of Voluntary Regulatory Systems
2005 New Challenges for Developing Country Suppliers in Global Clothing Chains: A Comparative European Perspective
2005 Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Lessons from Latin American Clusters
2006 Global Commodity Chains and Endogenous Growth: Export Dynamism and Development in Mexico and Honduras
2006 Transnational Corporations and Network Effects of a Local Manufacturing Cluster in Mobile Telecommunications Equipment in China
2007 The Next Wave of Globalization: Relocating Service Provision to India
2008 Global Private Regulation and Value-Chain Restructuring in Indonesian Smallholder Coffee Systems
2008 Greener than Thou: The Political Economy of Fish Ecolabeling and its Local Manifestations in South Africa
2009 Which Way is Up in Upgrading? Trajectories of Change in the Value Chain for South African Wine
2010 Supplier Upgrading in the Home-furnishing Value Chain: An Empirical Study of IKEAs Sourcing in China and South East Asia
2010 The fight for the middle: upgrading, competition, and industrial development in China
2011 Global Value Chains Meet Innovation Systems: Are There Learning Opportunities for Developing Countries?
2011 China as a Final Market: The Gabon Timber and Thai Cassava Value Chains