Location: Brazil

Focus Area


A cadeia têxtil/confeccções perante os desafios da Alca e do acordo comercial com a União Européia Publication
Alternatives for Industrial Upgrading in Global Value Chains: The Case for the Plastic Industry in Brazil Publication
An investigation about Brazilian mango and grape exports Publication
Automobile Commodity Chains in the NICs: A Comparison of South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil Publication
Brazilian Manufacturing in International Perspective: A Global Value Chain Analysis of Brazil's Aerospace, Medical Devices, and Electronics Industries Publication
Bringing social relations back in: (re) conceptualising the bullwhip effect in Global Commodity Chains Publication
China and Brazil in the Global Economy Publication
Comércio bilateral Brasil-Estados Unidos: uma qualificação das pautas de exportação e importação Publication
Developing Country Firms in the World Economy: Governance and Upgrading in Global Value Chains Publication
Evaluating competitiveness impacts of regulatory reforms in the Brazilian cashew industry Publication
Evaluating Strategies for Honey Value Chains in Brazil using a Value Chain Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP) Framework Publication
Forms of Governance, Learning Mechanisms and Upgrading Strategies in the Tobacco Cluster in Rio Pardo Valley, Brazil Publication
From Silver to Cocaine: Latin American Commodity Chains and World History Publication
Global Commodity Networks and the Leather Footwear Industry: Emerging Forms of Economic Organization in a Postmodern World Publication
Global Competition and Local Cooperation: Success and Failure in the Sinos Valley, Brazil Publication
Global quality standards and technological upgrading in the Brazilian auto-components industry Publication
Global Quality Standards, Chain Governance and the Technological Upgrading of Brazilian Auto-Components Producers Publication
Globalisation and Assembler-Supplier Relations: Brazil and India Publication
Globalisation and Supply Chain Networks: The Auto Industry in Brazil and India Publication
Globalisation, State Regulation and Industrial Upgrading of the Oil Seed Industries in Malaysia and Brazil Publication
Globalization and The New Entrepreneurial Strategies in Brazilian Textile Chain Publication
Identifying successful strategies for honey value chains in Brazil: a conjoint study Publication


Cedillo-Campos, Miguel Gaston Person
Challies, Ed Person
Fichter, Michael Person