Location: Canada

Focus Area


Accessing Ocean Technology Value Chains Publication
Are We Making a Dragon Out of a Dragonfly? Chinas Role in Global Production Networks Publication
Compétitivité internationale de la Chine: Une réalité à réévaluer Publication
Fashioning furniture: restructuring the furniture commodity chain Publication
From Beginnings and Endings to Boundaries and Edges: rethinking circulation and exchange through electronic waste Publication
From Varieties of Capitalism to Varieties of Activism: The Anti-sweatshop Movement in Comparative Perspective Publication
Gender, retail work and the clothing commodity chain Publication
Global Value Chains and the competitiveness of Canadian Manufacturing SMEs Publication
Knowledge, ethics and power in the home furnishings commodity chain Publication
Made in Japan: The Japanese Market and Herring Roe Production and Management in Canada's Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Publication
Manufacturing Small and Medium Size Enterprises Offshore Outsourcing and Competitive Advantage: An Exploratory Study on Canadian Offshoring Manufacturing SMEs Publication
Nova Scotia’s Ocean Technologies: A Global Value Chain Analysis of Inshore & Extreme Climate Vehicles, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, and Underwater Sensors & Instrumentation Publication
Offshore Outsourcing of Core and Non-Core Activities and Integrated Firm-Level Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Québec Manufacturing SMEs Publication


Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee Person
Felfel, Abdel Samie Person
Goldfarb, Danielle Person
Gooch, Martin Person
Hosseini, Sayyed Hamid Person
Jones, Linda Person
Krywulak, Tim Person
Lebaron, Genevieve Person
Leslie, Deborah Person
Mohiuddin, Muhammad Person
Phyne, John Person
Reed, Darryl Person