Location: Chile

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Bamber, Penny Person
Challies, Ed Person
Giuliani, Elisa Person
Gwynne, Robert N. Person
Miller, Rory Person
Murray, Warwick Edward Person
Phyne, John Person
Pietrobelli, Carlo Person
Riffo, Luis Person
Stanley, Leonardo Person


Chile's Offshore Services Value Chain Publication
Compliance with the private standards and capacity building of national institutions under globalization: new agendas for developing countries? Publication
Forging linkages in the commodity chain: The case of the Chilean salmon farming industry, 1987-2001 Publication
Fresh Demand: The Consumption of Chilean Produce in the United States Publication
From Silver to Cocaine: Latin American Commodity Chains and World History Publication
Globalization, commodity chains, and fruit exporting regions in Chile Publication
Governance and the wine commodity chain: upstream and downstream strategies in New Zealand and Chilean wine firms Publication
Las exportaciones de servicios de América Latina y su integración en las cadenas globales de valor Publication
Miracle for Whom? Chilean workers under free trade Publication
Pequenas y Medianas Empresas en America Latina e Internacionalizacion. Apertura, Liberalizacion y Politica Publication
Services in Global Value Chains: Manufacturing-Related Services Publication
The Globalization of Fruit, neo-liberalism and the question of sustainability: Lessons from Chile Publication
The Interaction of Global Value Chains and Rural Livelihoods: The Case of Smallholder Raspberry Growers in Chile Publication
Workforce Development in Chile's Offshore Services Value Chain Publication

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