Location: China

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Abonyi, George Person
Baker, Derek Person
Banga, Rashmi Person
Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee Person
Carillo, Jorge Person
Chan, Jin Hooi Person
Chou, Chih-Chieh Person
Dallas, Mark Person
Farokhnia, Farokh Person
Gereffi, Gary Person
Are We Making a Dragon Out of a Dragonfly? Chinas Role in Global Production Networks Publication
Auto-component industry in Asia: structure, trade patterns and potential for further upgrading Publication
China and Brazil in the Global Economy Publication
China and the Future of Asian Technology Trade Publication
China as a Final Market: The Gabon Timber and Thai Cassava Value Chains Publication
China's Electronics Exports: Just A Standard Trade Theory Case Publication
China’s new labour contract law: state regulation and worker rights in global production networks Publication
Cloth without a Weaver: Power, Emergence and Institutions across Global Value Chains Publication
Competitiveness and Decent Work in Global Value Chains: Substitutionary or Complementary Publication
Compétitivité internationale de la Chine: Une réalité à réévaluer Publication
Deep and shallow integration in Asia: Towards a holistic account Publication
Estimating domestic content in exports when processing trade is pervasive Publication
Exogenous Factors and Domestic Agency in Value Chain Dynamics: Lessons from the Thai cassava value chains Publication
GCCs and Development: A Conceptual and Empirical Review Publication
Global inequality, rising powers and labour standards Publication


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