Location: China

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Abonyi, George Person
Baker, Derek Person
Banga, Rashmi Person
Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee Person
Carillo, Jorge Person
Chan, Jin Hooi Person
Chou, Chih-Chieh Person
Dallas, Mark Person
Farokhnia, Farokh Person
Frederick, Stacey Person


Are We Making a Dragon Out of a Dragonfly? Chinas Role in Global Production Networks Publication
Auto-component industry in Asia: structure, trade patterns and potential for further upgrading Publication
China and Brazil in the Global Economy Publication
China and the Future of Asian Technology Trade Publication
China as a Final Market: The Gabon Timber and Thai Cassava Value Chains Publication
China's Electronics Exports: Just A Standard Trade Theory Case Publication
China’s new labour contract law: state regulation and worker rights in global production networks Publication
Cloth without a Weaver: Power, Emergence and Institutions across Global Value Chains Publication
Competitiveness and Decent Work in Global Value Chains: Substitutionary or Complementary Publication
Compétitivité internationale de la Chine: Une réalité à réévaluer Publication
Deep and shallow integration in Asia: Towards a holistic account Publication
E-Commerce and Industrial Upgrading in the Chinese Apparel Value Chain Publication
Estimating domestic content in exports when processing trade is pervasive Publication
Exogenous Factors and Domestic Agency in Value Chain Dynamics: Lessons from the Thai cassava value chains Publication
GCCs and Development: A Conceptual and Empirical Review Publication


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