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Baker, Derek Person
Bordoloi, Bedanga Person
Challies, Ed Person
Dannenberg, Peter Person
Dörry, Sabine Person
Fichter, Michael Person
Foders, Federico Person
Franz, Martin Person
Gu, Kejian Person
Hosseini, Sayyed Hamid Person
Janoski, Thomas Person


Bertelsmann Stiftung Organization


Business Relations in the Design of Package Tours in a Changing Environment: The Case of Tourism from Germany to Jordan Publication
Cars, Carriers of Regionalism? Publication
Challenging Governance in Global Commodity Chains: The Case of Transnational Activist Campaigns for Better Work Conditions Publication
Crossing Juridical Borders: Relational Governance in International Package Tourism from Germany to Jordan Publication
Globalization of the German Automotive Industry: Where Does Added Value Occur? Publication
Globalizing regional development: a global production network perspective Publication
Governance and organisation structure in the special tourism sector. Byer-driven or producer-driven value chains? The case of trekking tourism in the Moroccan mountains Publication
How does globalisation affect local production and knowledge systems?: The surgical instrument cluster of Tuttlingen, Germany Publication
Impact of Industrial Services on the Spatial Pattern of Users and Producers in Global Flagship Networks Publication
Integrating Moroccan actors into international tourism: the imortance of entry barriers to final markets and their consequences for regional development Publication
Local clusters in global value chains: Exploring Dynamic Linkages between Germany and Pakistan Publication
Local upgrading strategies in response to global challenges: the surgical instruments cluster of Tuttlingen, Germany Publication


Duke Global Summit: Practitioner Interview: Springer-Heinze, Andreas Video


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