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A brief analysis of some challenges faced by agribusiness along the value chain Publication
Adoption of industry-specific quality management system standards: determinants for auto component firms in India Publication
Adoption of Open Business Models in the West and Innovation in India's Software Industry Publication
Auto-component industry in Asia: structure, trade patterns and potential for further upgrading Publication
Capabilities, costs, networks and innovations: impact of mobile phones in rural India Publication
Clusters, Chains, and Compliance: Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance in Football Manufacturing in South Asia Publication
Disruptive Innovations in Food Value Chains and Small Farmers in India Publication
Do Workers Benefit from Ethical Trade? Assessing codes of labor practice in global production systems Publication
Exclusivity of private governance structures in agro-food networks: Bayer and the food retailing and processing sector in India Publication
Fairness and ethicality in their place: The regional dynamics of fair trade and ethical sourcing agendas in the plantation districts of South India Publication
Feasibility study for establishing Agarbatti manufacturing units in north-east India and developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for Cbtcbasix brand of Agarbatti Publication
From What We Wear to What We Eat: Upgrading in Global Value Chains Publication
Global inequality, rising powers and labour standards Publication
Global Production Networks and Decent Work in India and China: Evidence from the Apparel, Automotive, and Information Technology Industries Publication
Global Production Systems and Decent Work Publication


Abonyi, George Person
Baker, Derek Person
Banga, Rashmi Person
Bharati, Pratyush Person
Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee Person
Bordoloi, Bedanga Person
De Neve, Geert Person
Dossani, Rafiq Person
Fichter, Michael Person
Franz, Martin Person