Location: Italy

Focus Area


After the Three Italies: Wealth, Inequality and Industrial Change Publication
Environmental Strategies, Upgrading and Competitive Advantage in Global Value Chains Publication
Global Value Chains and Open Networks: The Case of Italian Industrial Districts Publication
Globalization, Recession and the Internationalization of Industrial Districts: Experiences from the Italian Jewelry Industry Publication
How globalization affects Italian industrial districts: the case of Brenta Publication
Industrial Districts, Magic Circles, and the Restructuring of the Italian Textiles and Clothing Chain Publication
Innovation in Global Value Chains: Co-location of Production and Development in Italian Low-Tech Industries Publication
Linking Local and Global Economies: The Ties that Bind Publication
Moving Eastwards while Remaining Embedded: the Case of the Marche Footwear District, Italy Publication
Old and New Forms of Clustering and Production Networks in Changing Technological Regimes: Contrasting Evidence from Taiwan and Italy Publication
Sourcing from Northern and Southern Countries: The Global Value Chain Approach Applied to Italian SMEs Publication
The effect of globalisation on industrial districts in Italy: the case of Brenta Publication
The Global Challenge to Industrial Districts: SMEs in Italy and Taiwan Publication


De Marchi, Valentina Person
Evgeniev, Evgeni Person
Fumagalli, Alessandro Person
Gereffi, Gary Person
Giunta, Anna Person
Golini, Ruggero Person
Parrilli, M. Davide Person
Pietrobelli, Carlo Person
Scheffer, Michiel Person
Schinke, Jan Christian Person
Tattara, Giuseppe Person


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