Location: Kenya

Focus Area


Aid for Trade and engaging with global value chains: developing trade and reducing food insecurity? Publication
Are (market) stimulants injurious to quality? Liberalization, quality changes, and the reputation of African coffee and cocoa exports Publication
Beyond The Vertical? Using Value Chains And Governance As A Framework To Analyse Private Standards Initiatives In Agri-Food Chains Publication
Coffee Markets in East Africa: Local Responses to Global Challenges or Global Responses to Local Challenges? Publication
Developing a vertical dimension to chronic poverty research: Some lessons from global value chain analysis Publication
Development Practice, Agrifood Standards, and Smallholder Certification: The Elusive Quest for GlobalGAP? Publication
Developmental uses of mobile phones in Kenya and Uganda Publication
Economic and social up(down)grading in tourism global production networks: findings from Kenya and Uganda Publication
Export Horticulture-Empowering Female Small-Scale Farmers in Kenya? Publication
From What We Wear to What We Eat: Upgrading in Global Value Chains Publication
Geographies of commodity chains Publication
Global agro-food standards and trade: Challenges for Africa Publication
Global and regional supermarkets: implications for producers and workers in Kenyan and Ugandan horticulture Publication
Global Commodity Networks, Ethical Trade and Governmentality: Organizing Business Responsibility in the Kenyan Cut Flower Industry Publication
Global standards, local realities: Private agrifood governance and the restructuring of the Kenyan horticulture industry Publication
Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender Case Studies of the Horticulture, Tourism, and Call Center Industries Publication
Global Value Chains, Local Collective Action and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Empirical Evidence Publication
Globalization and Restructuring of African Commodity Flows Publication
Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment for Local Development? Spillovers in Apparel Global Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa Publication
International airline groups in Africa Publication


Baker, Derek Person
Dannenberg, Peter Person
Frederick, Stacey Person
Graham, Mark Person
Jones, Linda Person


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