Location: Korea - South

Focus Area

Automobile Commodity Chains in the NICs: A Comparison of South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil Publication
Commodity Chains and the Korean Automobile Industry Publication
Competitiveness and Decent Work in Global Value Chains: Substitutionary or Complementary Publication
External leveraging and technological upgrading among East Asian firms in the United States Publication
Firm-activity Networks in the Context of the Value Chain of Regional Resource-based Industries: A Case Study of Fermented Soy Product Industry in Sunchang Publication
From followers to market leaders: Asian electronics firms in the global economy Publication
Globalization and Divergent Paths of Industrial Development: Mobile Phone Manufacturing in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Publication
Globalization, Upgrading and Regional Engagement: International Coproduction and the Korean Animation Industry in Asia Publication
Governing the market in a globalizing era: developmental states, global production networks, and inter-firm dynamics in East Asia Publication
Industrial upgrading, exploitative innovations and explorative innovations Publication
Technology, Commodity Chains and Global Inequality: South Korea in the 1990s Publication
Why is Germany's Manufacturing Industry so Competitive? Publication
Chou, Chih-Chieh Person
Gereffi, Gary Person
Kim, Jaeduck Person
Lee, Joon-Ho Person
Lee, Joonkoo Person
Lee, Keonhyeong Person
Lee, Kyung Jin Person
Lee, Sung Cheol Person
Michell, Tony Person
Nguyen, Khoi Person
Odularu, Gbadebo Person

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