Location: Mexico

Focus Area


A regional approach to study technology transfer through foreign direct investment: The electronics industry in two Mexican regions Publication
Automobile Commodity Chains in the NICs: A Comparison of South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil Publication
Beyond the maquila model? NAFTA and the Mexican apparel industry Publication
Challenging Governance in Global Commodity Chains: The Case of Transnational Activist Campaigns for Better Work Conditions Publication
Commodity Chains and Industrial Organization in the Apparel Industry in Monterrey and Ciudad Juarez Publication
Compliance with the private standards and capacity building of national institutions under globalization: new agendas for developing countries? Publication
Condiciones histórico-estructurales de los productores de hortalizas sinaloenses en la cadena de valor, 1900-2010 Publication
Economic Development Policymaking Down the Global Commodity Chain: Attracting an Auto Industry to Silao, Mexico Publication
Fragmented Markets, Elaborate Chains: The Retail Distribution of Imported Clothing in Mexico Publication
Free Trade and Garment Work: the Impact of NAFTA on Service and Manufacturing Jobs in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry Publication
Free Trade and Uneven Development: The North American Apparel Industry after NAFTA Publication
GCCs and Development: A Conceptual and Empirical Review Publication
Geosynthetics: Coastal Management Applications in the Gulf of Mexico Publication
Global cities in Global Commodity Chains: exploring the role of Mexico City in the geography of global economic governance Publication
Global Commodity Chains and Endogenous Growth: Export Dynamism and Development in Mexico and Honduras Publication


Bair, Jennifer Person
Borbon-Galvez, Yari Person
Carillo, Jorge Person
Cedillo-Campos, Miguel Gaston Person
Dedrick, Jason Person
Fink, Jonathan Person
Garcia De Leon, Guadalupe Person
Garrido, Celso Person
Gereffi, Gary Person


Duke Global Summit: Practitioner Interview: Padilla-Pérez, Ramón Video