Location: South Africa

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Baker, Derek Person
Dannenberg, Peter Person
Du Toit, Andries Person
Ewert, Joachim Person
Hines, Tony Person
Jones, Linda Person
Kaplinsky, Raphael Person
Njehia, Bernard Person
Odularu, Gbadebo Person


Connection to global markets in the internet age: the case of South African wooden furniture producers Publication
Developing a vertical dimension to chronic poverty research: Some lessons from global value chain analysis Publication
Developing capability through learning networks Publication
Do Workers Benefit from Ethical Trade? Assessing codes of labor practice in global production systems Publication
Driving environmental certification: Its impact on the furniture and timber products value chain in South Africa Publication
E-commerce and export markets: Small furniture producers in South Africa Publication
Global market access in the Internet era: South Africa's wood furniture industry Publication
Global Production Systems and Decent Work Publication
Globalization and Restructuring of African Commodity Flows Publication
Globalization and the Death of the Local Firm? The Automobile Components Sector in South Africa Publication
Governance in the Value Chain for South African Wine Publication
Governance, Entry Barriers, Upgrading: A Re-Interpretation of Some GVC Concepts from the Experience of African Clothing Exports Publication
Governing through Quality: Conventions and Supply Relations in the Value Chain for South African Wine Publication
Greener than Thou: The Political Economy of Fish Ecolabeling and its Local Manifestations in South Africa Publication
International airline groups in Africa Publication
Learning, upgrading, and innovation in the South African automotive industry Publication


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