Location: Taiwan (ROC)

Focus Area


Beyond the Global Production Networks: A Case for Further Upgrading of Taiwan's Information Technology Industry Publication
Clustering and upgrading in global value chains: the Taiwanese personal computer industry Publication
Competition and Cooperation in Taiwan's Information Technology Industy: Interfirm Networks and Industrial Upgrading Publication
External leveraging and technological upgrading among East Asian firms in the United States Publication
From followers to market leaders: Asian electronics firms in the global economy Publication
Global value chains in the electronics industry: characteristics, crisis, and upgrading opportunities for firms from developing countries Publication
Globalization and Divergent Paths of Industrial Development: Mobile Phone Manufacturing in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Publication
Governing the market in a globalizing era: developmental states, global production networks, and inter-firm dynamics in East Asia Publication
Old and New Forms of Clustering and Production Networks in Changing Technological Regimes: Contrasting Evidence from Taiwan and Italy Publication
Regional development and the competitive dynamics of global production networks: An East Asian perspective Publication
The Dynamics of Local Learning in Global Value Chains: Experiences from East Asia Publication
The Global Challenge to Industrial Districts: SMEs in Italy and Taiwan Publication
The Taiwanese Notebook Computer Production Network in China: Implication for Upgrading of the Chinese Electronics Industry Publication
Upgrading in Global Value Chains Publication
Upgrading in the Taiwanese computer cluster: transformation of its production and knowledge systems Publication
Upgrading through Linkages?: The Taiwanese Notebook PC Production Network in China Publication


Chou, Chih-Chieh Person
Gereffi, Gary Person
Hsu, Jinn-Yuh Person
Pietrobelli, Carlo Person
Poon, Teresa Shuk-Ching Person
Sturgeon, Timothy J. Person
Yang, Yung-Kai Person

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