Location: Tanzania

Focus Area

Analysis of the Value Chain for Biogas in Tanzania Northern Zone Publication
Are (market) stimulants injurious to quality? Liberalization, quality changes, and the reputation of African coffee and cocoa exports Publication
Biofuel investment in Tanzania: Omissions in implementation Publication
Coffee Markets in East Africa: Local Responses to Global Challenges or Global Responses to Local Challenges? Publication
Cooperative Cotton Marketing, Liberalization, and 'civil society' in Tanzania Publication
Developing a vertical dimension to chronic poverty research: Some lessons from global value chain analysis Publication
Export Markets for High-Value Vegetables from Tanzania Publication
Global agro-food standards and trade: Challenges for Africa Publication
Global Commodity Chains and Economic Upgrading in Less Developed Countries Publication
Prawns and piranhas: the political economy of a private sector marketing chain in Tanzania Publication
Prospects for Labour in Global Value Chains. Labour Standards in the Cut Flower and Banana Industries Publication
The Logistical Revolution and the Changing Structure of Agriculturally based Commodity Chains in Africa Publication
Upgrading Primary Production: A Global Commodity Chain Approach Publication
Dunn, Elizabeth Person
Jones, Linda Person
Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard Person
Larsen, Marianne N. Person
Lazaro, Evelyne Person
Njehia, Bernard Person
Odularu, Gbadebo Person
Ouma, Stefan Person
Prowse, Martin Person
Raikes, Philip Person
Rasheli, Geraldine Person
Tallontire, Anne Person


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