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Duke Global Summit: Practitioner Interview: Zeballos, Erick Video


Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters: Chapter 6 Publication
External leveraging and technological upgrading among East Asian firms in the United States Publication
Free Trade and Garment Work: the Impact of NAFTA on Service and Manufacturing Jobs in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry Publication
Free Trade and Uneven Development: The North American Apparel Industry after NAFTA Publication
Fresh Demand: The Consumption of Chilean Produce in the United States Publication
From Varieties of Capitalism to Varieties of Activism: The Anti-sweatshop Movement in Comparative Perspective Publication
Functional Demand Satiation and Industrial Dynamics: The Emergence of the Global Value Chain for the U.S. Footwear Industry Publication
Geosynthetics: Coastal Management Applications in the Gulf of Mexico Publication
Getting the Measure of the Electronic Games Industry: Developers and the Management of Innovation Publication
Global Commodity Networks and the Leather Footwear Industry: Emerging Forms of Economic Organization in a Postmodern World Publication
Global Value Chains: From Governance to Governmentality? Publication
Globalization, Industrialization and Sustainable Growth: The Pursuit of the Nth Rent Publication
Gulf Coast Restoration Report Series Publication
High-Performance Windows: Chapter 2 Publication
Hybrid Drivetrains for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks: Chapter 9 Publication
Infrastructure Investment Creates American Jobs Publication
Institutionalizing Flexibility: A Comparative Analysis of Fordist and Post-Fordist Models of Third World Agro-Export Production Publication


Felfel, Abdel Samie Person
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