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Integrating design and retail in the clothing value chain. An empirical study of the organisation of design Publication
Knitting the Networks between Mexican Producers and the U.S. Market Publication
La insersión de México en la arquitectura cambiante de redes de suministro del vestido hacia Estados Unidos (1985-2003). The Insertion of Mexico in the Changing Architecture of the Networks Publication
Labor's Response to Global Production Publication
Labour standards and technological upgrading: competitive challenges in the global football industry Publication
Manufacturing Paradoxes: Foreign Ownership, Governance and Value Chains in China's Light Industries Publication
Mexican Competitiveness in the U.S. Furniture Market versus China Publication
Modular Production Networks: A New American Model of Industrial Organization Publication
New York's Role in the Global Apparel Industry Publication
Nicaragua and the Apparel Value Chain in the Americas: Implications for Regional Trade and Employment Publication
Powder coating: A global value chain perspective Publication
Public Transit Buses: A Green Choice Gets Greener: Chapter 12 Publication
Recycling Industrial Waste Energy: Chapter 7 Publication
Residential Re-Insulation: Chapter 10 Publication
Rival Commodity Chains: Regulation and Agency in the U.S. and Colombian Cut Flower Agro-Industries Publication


Janoski, Thomas Person
Krywulak, Tim Person
Lebaron, Genevieve Person
López Barraza, Lydia María Person
Martinez Murillo, Lidia Person
Odularu, Gbadebo Person
Patel-Campillo, Anouk Person
Romero, Isidoro Person
Rothstein, Jeffrey S. Person
Sandoval, Seyka Person


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