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Schurman, Rachel A. Person
Soleimani, Gholamreza Person
Steiner, Bodo Person
Sturgeon, Timothy J. Person
Sydor, Aaron Person
Taylor, Philip Person


Shifting sources and uses of profits: sustaining US financialization with global value chains Publication
Small Companies, Big Connections: The Benefits and Challenges for SMEs in Working with MNCs Publication
South Africa and the Global Commodity Chain for Clothing: Export Performance and Constraints Publication
Spatial Division of Competencies and Local Upgrading in the Automotive Industry: Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Findings from Poland Publication
Stitching Together: How workers are hemming down transnational capital in the hyper-global garment sector Publication
Strategic Reorientations of U.S. Apparel Firms Publication
Subcontracting Networks in the New York City Garment Industry: Changing Characteristics in a Global Era Publication
Super Soil Systems: Chapter 5 Publication
Targeting Inclusive Development: A Value Chain Approach to Sewer Infrastructure Investment Publication
TexMex: Linkages in a Binational Garment District? The Garment Industries in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez Publication
The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Publication
The Development and Diffusion of Powder Coatings in the United States and Europe: A Historical and Value Chain Perspective Publication
The Evolutionary Dynamics of Biofuel Value Chains: From Unipolar and Government-Driven to Multipolar Governance Publication
The Impact of North American Economic Integration on the Los Angeles Apparel Industry Publication
The New Sweatshops in the United States: How New, How Real, How Many, and Why? Publication
The North American automotive value chain: Canadas role and prospects Publication
The North American Free Trade Agreement, emerging apparel production networks and industrial upgrading: The southern California/Mexico connection Publication
The Organization of Buyer-Driven Global Commodity Chains: How U.S. Retailers Shape Overseas Production Networks Publication
The Political Economy of Unemployment: Active Labor Market Policy in the US and West Germany Publication


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