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Global Supply Chain Dynamics and Labour Governance: Implications for Social Upgrading Publication
A Handbook for Value Chain Research Publication
A Macro-Institutional Perspective on Supply Chain Environmental Complexity Publication
Avaliação da competitividade da produção de carne de frango em Mato Grosso Publication
Beyond Firm-Centrism: Re-Integrating labour and Capitalism into Global Commodity Chain Analysis Publication
Beyond the Information Technology Agreement Harmonization of Standards and Trade in Electronics Publication
Beyond the Producer-driven/Buyer-driven Dichotomy: The Evolution of Global Value Chains in the Internet Era Publication
Business Networks: Strategy and Structure Publication
Chains for Change Publication
Comment penser lentreprise dans la mondialisation » Introduction au dossier spécial « Chaînes Globales de Valeur Publication
Compilation of Bilateral Trade Database by Industry and End-Use Category Publication
Costa Rica in the Aerospace Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Entry & Upgrading: Chapter 4 Publication
Costa Rica in the Electronics Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Upgrading Publication
Cross-continental Food Chains Publication
Drivers of Falling Interaction Costs in Global Business Networks Publication
Economic and social upgrading in global logistics Publication
Economic and social upgrading in global production networks: developing a framework for analysis Publication
Economic and social upgrading in global production networks: problems of theory and measurement Publication
Economic and social upgrading in global value chains: emerging trends and pressures Publication
Economic Governance in a Networked World Economy: Global Production Networks, Territoriality and Political Authority Publication
Editorial: Dynamics in Agricultural Value Chains Publication
Effects of the 2008-2009 Crisis on the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries: A Global Value Chain Perspective Publication
Environmental complexity related information for the assessment of country logistics environments: Implications for spatial transaction costs and foreign location attractiveness Publication
Explaining Governance in Global Value Chains: A Modular Theory-building Effort Publication


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