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How Do We Define Value Chains and Production Networks? Publication
Increasing value from global value chain participation: What role for industrial policy? Publication
Indicators for Measuring and Maximizing Economic Value Added and Job Creation Arising from Private Sector Investment in Value Chains: Report to the High-level Development Working Group Publication
Industrial Development Report 2002/03: Competing through Innovation and Learning Publication
Industrial Development Report 2013: Sustaining Employment Growth: The Role of Manufacturing and Structural Change Publication
Information Economy Report 2010: ICTs, Enterprises and Poverty Alleviation Publication
Integrating ecosystem services in international value chains: An innovation system framework and guidelines for case study research with reference to Dutch policy support for strengthening ecosystem services in the tropical timber chain Publication
Integrating Poverty and Environmental Concerns into Value Chain Analysis: A Conceptual Framework Publication
Integrating Poverty and Environmental Concerns into Value Chain Analysis: A Strategic Framework and Practical Guide Publication
Integrating SMEs in Global Value Chains: Towards Partnership for Development Publication
Integrating structure, conduct and performance into value chain analysis Publication
Interconnected Economies: Benefiting from Global Value Chains Publication
International Comparative Evidence on Global Value Chains Publication
International Supply Chains as Real Transmission Channels of Financial Shocks Publication
Intersectoral partnerships for a sustainable coffee chain: Really addressing sustainability or just picking (coffee) cherries? Publication
Introduction: Globalisation, Value Chains and Development Publication
Key concepts and core issues in global value chain analysis Publication
La formación de la empresa global en el marco de las cadenas de valor Publication
La Gobernabilidad de la Cadena de Valor Publication
Limits to non-state market regulation: A qualitative comparative analysis of the international sport footwear industry and the Fair Labor Association Publication
Local and Regional Development in Global Value Chains, Production Networks and Innovation Networks: A Comparative Review and the Challenges for Future Research Publication
Making connections: global production networks and world city networks Publication
Management innovation in supply chain: appreciating Chandler in the twenty-first century Publication


Jones, Linda Person
Mahutga, Matthew C Person


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