Month/Season: April

A multi-level approach to the study of production chains in the tourism sector
Accessing Ocean Technology Value Chains
Adding Value to Trade Measures: Understanding Canada's Role in Global Value Chains
Brewing a bitter cup? Deregulation, quality and the re-organization of coffee marketing in East Africa
Brexit and Global Value Chains: The Costs of Transition to New Trade Governance Structures
Commodity Studies and Commodity Fetishism I: Trading Down
Fish: A Global Value Chain Driven onto the Rocks
Forging linkages in the commodity chain: The case of the Chilean salmon farming industry, 1987-2001
Formalisation of charcoal value chains and livelihood outcomes in Central- and West Africa
Gender and forest product value chains in the Congo Basin
Global standards, local realities: Private agrifood governance and the restructuring of the Kenyan horticulture industry
Green Coffee? The Contradictions of Global Sustainability Initiatives from the Indian Perspective
Lead Firms and competition in 'Bi-Polar' commodity chains: Grinders and branders in the global cocoa-chocolate industry
Minecraft Brick by Brick - A Case Study of a Global Services Value Chain
Mobilising the commodity chain concept in the politics of food and farming
Norwegian Salmon Goes to Market: The Case of the Austevoll Seafood Cluster
Political Economy of Climate-relevant Change Policies: the Case of Renewable Energy in South Africa
South Africa and the Global Commodity Chain for Clothing: Export Performance and Constraints
Targeting Inclusive Development: A Value Chain Approach to Sewer Infrastructure Investment
The impacts of supermarket procurement on farming communities in India: Evidence from rural Karnataka
The New Zones of Circulation. On the Securitization of Maritime Frontiers in West Africa
The Offshore Services Value Chain
Upgrading in the Taiwanese computer cluster: transformation of its production and knowledge systems
Value chains, networks and clusters: reframing the global automotive industry
What do corporations have to do with fair trade? Positive and normative analysis from a value chain perspective