Month/Season: December

Adding Value to Trade Measures: An Introduction to Value-Added Trade
Agrarian Reform in the Philippine Banana Chain
Assessment of Five High-Value Agriculture Inclusive Business Projects Sponsored by the Inter- American Development Bank in Latin America
Beyond the maquila model? NAFTA and the Mexican apparel industry
Connection to global markets in the internet age: the case of South African wooden furniture producers
Effective Industrial Policies and Global Value Chains
Global Sustainability Regulation and Coffe Supply Chain in Lampung Province, Indonesia
Global value chains and agrifood standards: Challenges and possibilities for smallholders in developing countries
Globalization and the Death of the Local Firm? The Automobile Components Sector in South Africa
Globalization and Unequalization: what can be learned from value chain analysis
Globalizing regional development: a global production network perspective
Governance and the wine commodity chain: upstream and downstream strategies in New Zealand and Chilean wine firms
Governance Patterns in Value Chains and their Development Impact
Governing NTFP value chains: access to resources and markets in diversified production systems in NTFP chains
Governing the Coffee Chain: The Role of Voluntary Regulatory Systems
Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment for Local Development? Spillovers in Apparel Global Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa
How does insertion in global value chains affect upgrading in industrial clusters?
Institutions, Upgrading and Development: Evidence from North East Brazilian Export Horticulture
Learning and Earning in Global Garment and Footwear Chains
Learning from Global Buyers
Local Technology Linkages and Supplier Upgrading in Global Value Chains: The Case of Swedish Engineering TNCs in Emerging Markets
Offshore Outsourcing of Core and Non-Core Activities and Integrated Firm-Level Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Québec Manufacturing SMEs
Pequenas y Medianas Empresas en America Latina e Internacionalizacion. Apertura, Liberalizacion y Politica
Policy Implications of Trends in Agribusiness Value Chains
Temporary Resource Availability and Quality Constraints in the Global Leather Value Chain – The Impact of the Festival of Sacrifice on the Leather Industry in Bangladesh