Month/Season: June

Adding Value to Trade: Moving Beyond Being Hewers of Wood
Aid for Trade and engaging with global value chains: developing trade and reducing food insecurity?
An Intermediate Step to Resource Peripheries: The Strategic Coupling of Gateway Cities in the Upstream Oil and Gas GPN
Cheap Labor Strategies and Export-Oriented Industrialization: Some Lessons from the Los Angeles/East Asia Apparel Connection
CSR and Regulation: Towards a framework for understanding private standards initiatives in the agri-food chain
Developing a vertical dimension to chronic poverty research: Some lessons from global value chain analysis
Dynamic Capability helps Upgrading Bangladeshi Apparel Firms in the Global Value Chain: Knowledge Spillover Perspective
Economic and social upgrading in global production networks: problems of theory and measurement
Fake capitalism? The dynamics of neoliberal moral restructuring and pseudo-development: the case of Uganda
Free Trade and Garment Work: the Impact of NAFTA on Service and Manufacturing Jobs in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry
Global Capitalism and Commodity Chains: Looking Back, Going Forward
India's apparel exports: the challenge of global markets
International Trade and Industrial Upgrading in the Apparel Commodity Chain
Moving Eastwards while Remaining Embedded: the Case of the Marche Footwear District, Italy
Re-embedding governance: global apparel value chains and decent work
Regionalization, foreign direct investment and poverty reduction: Lessons from Vietnam in ASEAN
ROVs: A Global Value Chain Perspective
Shifting Governance Structures in Global Commodity Chains, with Special Reference to the Internet
Space of flows, uneven regional development and geography of financial services in Ireland
Technological Capabilities of Brazilian Shipbuilding Suppliers
The African Growth and Opportunity Act and the Global Commodity Chain for Clothing
The Global Apparel Value Chain, Trade and the Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries
The Role of Services in Global Value Chains
U.S. Manufacture of Rail Vehicles for Intercity Passenger Rail and Urban Transit: A Value Chain Analysis
Upgrading through Integration? The Case of the Central Eastern European Automotive Industry