Month/Season: September

A Gendered Value Chain Approach to Codes of Conduct in African Horticulture
At the Cutting Edge? Financialization and UK Clothing Retailers' Global Sourcing Patterns and Practices
Brazilian Manufacturing in International Perspective: A Global Value Chain Analysis of Brazil's Aerospace, Medical Devices, and Electronics Industries
Challenges to the Cambodian Garment Industry in the Global Garment Value Chain
Coffee Markets in East Africa: Local Responses to Global Challenges or Global Responses to Local Challenges?
Competitiveness and Decent Work in Global Value Chains: Substitutionary or Complementary
Crisis Coincidences and strategic market behavior: the internationalization of Indonesians clothing brand-owners
Cruisin' to Exclusion: Commodity Chains, the Cruise Industry, and Development in the Caribbean
Economic Development Policymaking Down the Global Commodity Chain: Attracting an Auto Industry to Silao, Mexico
From Beginnings and Endings to Boundaries and Edges: rethinking circulation and exchange through electronic waste
Global Competition and Local Cooperation: Success and Failure in the Sinos Valley, Brazil
Global Private Regulation and Value-Chain Restructuring in Indonesian Smallholder Coffee Systems
Gobernabilidad y ascenso en las cadenas de valor: discusión conceptual
Indicators for Measuring and Maximizing Economic Value Added and Job Creation Arising from Private Sector Investment in Value Chains: Report to the High-level Development Working Group
Inter-Firm Linkages and Finance in Value Chains
Local clusters in global value chains: Exploring Dynamic Linkages between Germany and Pakistan
Pymes y cadenas de valor globales. Implicaciones para la política industrial
Ready-to-wear development? Foreign investment, technology transfer, and learning by watching in the apparel trade
Spatializing commodity chains
Value-chain governance, public regulation and entry barriers in the global fresh fruit and vegetable chain into the EU
Why is buying a 'Madras' cotton shirt a political act? A feminist commodity chain analysis