Cedillo-Campos, Miguel Gaston



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Industrial System and Land System: Dynamic Configuration. The Case of the Mexican Automotive Industry
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Dr. Cedillo-Campos has worked for logistics businesses in Mexico and as a consultant on supply chain management for companies like DAIMLER-CHRYSLER,CATERPILLAR,MABE,WTC Confianza,IBM,Met-Mex PEÑOLES,and several Mexican State Governments. His current research interests include global value chain analysis,service operations in supply chains,supply chain security,urban distribution,and design of supply chains oriented to emerging markets. Dr. Cedillo-Campos' research work has been published in several leading academic journals and international conferences. He is co-author of book 'Dynamic Analysis of Industrial Systems' published by Editorial Trillas, and member of Editorial Review Board of several recognized international journals. His current research projects have received research grants from the Mexican and global firms, as well as form the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico.

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