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Effect of metallic contamination on quality of raw milk
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Pakistan is a agriculture base diverse country with great potential for natural resources and industrialization in agriculture, food, livestock, minerals and ore. Dairy is one sector which has great potential to explore and devvelop value chain with equity partnership. Total Milk Volume Annually (2008)Bio Liters 32.00Total value @ 15 TSS @ 2083 US/ MTBio US $10.00Present Processing VolumeBio Liters1.20Present value @ 15 TSS @ 2083 US/ MTBio US $0.37Accessible value @ 15 TSS @ 2083 US/ MTBio US $5.00GAPBio US $4.62Target Daily Milk AccessibleMio Liters43.84Chilling Units 80 liter/ Unit RequiredNo.438356Value of Chilling Units/ Processing Unit Bio US $1.44Processing Facilities @ 3 million liters/ dayUnits14Skilled Technical HR directNo.75000HR indirectMio0.55 Farmers/ HouseholdsMio4.5

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