Thesis Title: 
TNCs and the global value chain in China
Year of Degree: 

I have been doing researches on the participation of Vietnam enterprises in the global value chains of MNCs (having foreign direct investments in Vietnam), especially in some certain industries which contained comparative advantages of Vietnam such as automobile, dairy, textile, coffee and tea. The goal of my researches is to help local enterprises to gain a higher value added while inserting into the MNCs'global value chains. Some key points are the local enterprises must decide between moving up to the higher value added stages (e.g: from manufacturing stage to R&Ds stage) or upgrading their current situation (e.g: stay at the same stage with more advanced technologies). I would like to work with local enterprises to see how they could get ODMs and OEMs contracts from MNCs to evaluate the possibility to merge or acquire an existed global value chain from their partners.

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