Publication Type: Book, Edited

Agri-food Commodity Chains and Globalising Networks
Cars, Carriers of Regionalism?
Clusters Facing Competition: The Importance of External Linkages
Commodity Chains and Global Capitalism
Connecting to Global Markets: Challenges and Opportunities
Free Trade and Uneven Development: The North American Apparel Industry after NAFTA
From Silver to Cocaine: Latin American Commodity Chains and World History
Frontiers of Commodity Chain Research
Gendered Commodity Chains: Seeing Women and Households in 21st Century Global Production
Geographies of commodity chains
Global agro-food standards and trade: Challenges for Africa
Global Value Chain Development Report 2017
Global Value Chains and World Trade: Prospects and Challenges for Latin America
Global Value Chains in a Changing World
Global Value Chains in a Postcrisis World
Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender Case Studies of the Horticulture, Tourism, and Call Center Industries
Global Value Chains: Impacts and Implications, Trade Policy Research 2011
Globalism/Localism at Work
Globalization and Regionalization in Post-socialist Economies: the Common Economic Spaces of Europe
Globalization and Restructuring of African Commodity Flows
Globalizing Regional Development in East Asia: Production Networks, Clusters, and Entrepreneurship
Governing through Standards: Origins, Drivers and Limitations
Labour in Global Production Networks in India
Labour in Global Value Chains in Asia
Linking Local and Global Economies: The Ties that Bind