Publication Type: Book

Making the Cut? Low-Income Countries and the Global Clothing Value Chain in a Post-Quota and Post-Crisis World
Manual for Value Chain Research on Homeworkers in the Garment Industry
Measuring Globalization: OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators 2010
Mexican Competitiveness in the U.S. Furniture Market versus China
Miracle for Whom? Chilean workers under free trade
Neoliberal Moral Economy: Capitalism, Socio-Cultural Change and Fraud in Uganda
Outsourcing Economics: Global Value Chains in Capitalist Development
Ports, Cities and Global Supply Chains
Poverty Orientation of Value Chains for Domestic and Export Markets in Ghana
Social Responsibility in the Global Market: Fair Trade of Cultural Products
Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Compendium of Studies on Global Value Chains
Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Moving up the Value Chain
Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues: A Literature Review
Supply Chain Strategies: Customer Driven and Customer Focused
The Challenges of Late Industrialization: The Global Economy and the Japanese Commercial Aircraft Industry
The Coffee Paradox: Global Markets, Commodity Trade and the Elusive Promise of Development
The Format Age: Television's Entertainment Revolution
The Global Challenge to Industrial Districts: SMEs in Italy and Taiwan
The New Offshoring of Jobs and Global Development
The Political Economy of Unemployment: Active Labor Market Policy in the US and West Germany
The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade
Threads: Gender, Labor and Power in the Global Apparel Industry
Trade patterns and global value chains in East Asia: from trade in goods to trade in tasks
Trading Down: Africa, Value Chains, and the Global Economy
Uganda's Human Resource Challenge: Training, Business Culture and Economic Development