Publication Type: Chapter, Edited Book

A brief analysis of some challenges faced by agribusiness along the value chain
Are (market) stimulants injurious to quality? Liberalization, quality changes, and the reputation of African coffee and cocoa exports
Assessing the Risks of Participation in Global Value Chains
Automobile Commodity Chains in the NICs: A Comparison of South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil
Brexit and Global Value Chains: The Costs of Transition to New Trade Governance Structures
Business Relations in the Design of Package Tours in a Changing Environment: The Case of Tourism from Germany to Jordan
Can the Dominican Republic's Export-Processing Zones Survive NAFTA?
Capitalism, Development and Global Commodity Chains
Chain (Re)actions: Comparing Activist Mobilization Against Biotechnology in Britain and the United States
Chain Governance and Upgrading: Taking Stock
Chains for Change
Challenges to Vietnamese firms in the global garment and textile value chain
Challenging Governance in Global Commodity Chains: The Case of Transnational Activist Campaigns for Better Work Conditions
Chapter 1: Quantifying the Value of Preferences and Potential Erosion Losses
China and the Future of Asian Technology Trade
Clustering and upgrading in global value chains: the Taiwanese personal computer industry
Cocaine, Commodity Chains, and Drug Politics: A Transnational Approach
Commodity Chains and Footwear Exports in the Semiperiphery
Commodity Chains and Industrial Organization in the Apparel Industry in Monterrey and Ciudad Juarez
Commodity Chains and Industrial Restructuring in the Pacific Rim: Garment Trade and Manufacturing
Commodity Chains and Marketing Strategies: Nike and the Global Athletic Footwear Industry
Commodity Chains and the Korean Automobile Industry
Commodity Chains in the Capitalist World-Economy Prior to 1800
Competition, Time and Space in Industrial Change
Compétitivité internationale de la Chine: Une réalité à réévaluer