Publication Type: Chapter, Edited Book

Contending Paradigms for Cross-Regional Comparison: Development Strategies and Commodity Chains in East Asia and Latin America
Contracts or Rules: Quality Surveillance in Costa Rican Mango Exports
Crossing Juridical Borders: Relational Governance in International Package Tourism from Germany to Jordan
Development Practice, Agrifood Standards, and Smallholder Certification: The Elusive Quest for GlobalGAP?
Developments in the Global Apparel Industry after the MFA Phaseout
Direct measurement of global value chains: Collecting product- and firm-level statistics on value added and business function outsourcing and offshoring
Effects of the 2008-2009 Crisis on the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries: A Global Value Chain Perspective
Estimating trade in value-added: why and how?
Food Safety and Farmed Salmon: Some Implications of the European Union's Food Policy for Coastal Communities
Fragmented Markets, Elaborate Chains: The Retail Distribution of Imported Clothing in Mexico
Fresh Demand: The Consumption of Chilean Produce in the United States
Geometry of global value chains in East Asia: the role of industrial networks and trade policies
Global Commodity Chains and Global Value Chains
Global Production Networks and Decent Work in India and China: Evidence from the Apparel, Automotive, and Information Technology Industries
Global Production Networks in the Post-Crisis Era
Global quality standards and technological upgrading in the Brazilian auto-components industry
Global value chain-oriented industrial policy: the role of emerging economies
Global Value Chains and Least Developed Countries in Asia: Cost and capability considerations in Cambodia and Nepal
Global Value Chains and Sustainable Development
Global Value Chains and The Crisis: Reshaping International Trade Elasticity
Global Value Chains in a Postcrisis World: Resilience, Consolidation, and Shifting End Markets
Global Value Chains in Apparel: Still a Path for Industrial Development?
Global Value Chains in the Electronics Industry: Was the Crisis a Window of Opportunity for Developing Countries?
Global Value Chains in the Food Sector
Global Value Chains, Business Organisation and Structural Transformation of Bangalore's Software Cluster in the 1990s and Beyond