Publication Type: Chapter, Edited Book

Contending Paradigms for Cross-Regional Comparison: Development Strategies and Commodity Chains in East Asia and Latin America
Contracts or Rules: Quality Surveillance in Costa Rican Mango Exports
Crossing Juridical Borders: Relational Governance in International Package Tourism from Germany to Jordan
Development Practice, Agrifood Standards, and Smallholder Certification: The Elusive Quest for GlobalGAP?
Developments in the Global Apparel Industry after the MFA Phaseout
Direct measurement of global value chains: Collecting product- and firm-level statistics on value added and business function outsourcing and offshoring
Effects of the 2008-2009 Crisis on the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries: A Global Value Chain Perspective
Estimating trade in value-added: why and how?
Food Safety and Farmed Salmon: Some Implications of the European Union's Food Policy for Coastal Communities
Fragmented Markets, Elaborate Chains: The Retail Distribution of Imported Clothing in Mexico
Fresh Demand: The Consumption of Chilean Produce in the United States
Geometry of global value chains in East Asia: the role of industrial networks and trade policies
Global Commodity Chains and Global Value Chains
Global Production Networks in the Post-Crisis Era
Global quality standards and technological upgrading in the Brazilian auto-components industry
Global value chain-oriented industrial policy: the role of emerging economies
Global Value Chains and Least Developed Countries in Asia: Cost and capability considerations in Cambodia and Nepal
Global Value Chains and Sustainable Development
Global Value Chains and The Crisis: Reshaping International Trade Elasticity
Global Value Chains in a Postcrisis World: Resilience, Consolidation, and Shifting End Markets
Global Value Chains in Apparel: Still a Path for Industrial Development?
Global Value Chains in the Electronics Industry: Was the Crisis a Window of Opportunity for Developing Countries?
Global Value Chains in the Food Sector
Global Value Chains, Business Organisation and Structural Transformation of Bangalore's Software Cluster in the 1990s and Beyond
Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender