Publication Type: Chapter, Edited Book

Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender
Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender in the Call Center Industry
Global Value Chains, the Crisis, and the Shift of Markets from North to South
Global value chains, Where they came from, where they are going and why this is important
Globalisation and Assembler-Supplier Relations: Brazil and India
Globalization, Upgrading and Regional Engagement: International Coproduction and the Korean Animation Industry in Asia
Governance and NTFP Chains in the Takamanda-Mone Landscape, Cameroon
Governance in Global Value Chains
How can agricultural commodity producers appropriate a greater share of value chain incomes?
How globalization affects Italian industrial districts: the case of Brenta
Impact of Industrial Services on the Spatial Pattern of Users and Producers in Global Flagship Networks
Increasing value from global value chain participation: What role for industrial policy?
Institutional conditions for organising decent work in global production networks
Institutionalizing Flexibility: A Comparative Analysis of Fordist and Post-Fordist Models of Third World Agro-Export Production
International Comparative Evidence on Global Value Chains
Introduction: Global Commodity Chains
Key concepts and core issues in global value chain analysis
Knitting the Networks between Mexican Producers and the U.S. Market
Knowledge, ethics and power in the home furnishings commodity chain
La formación de la empresa global en el marco de las cadenas de valor
Labor's Response to Global Production
Les chaînes globales de valeur
Local development, Global Value Chains and Latecomer Development
Local upgrading strategies in response to global challenges: the surgical instruments cluster of Tuttlingen, Germany
Logistics and Value Chain Development: Cost and Capability Considerations