Publication Type: Chapter, Edited Book

Making Sense of Global Standards
Making Value Chain Governance work for the implementation of quality, labour and environmental standards: upgrading challenges in the footwear industry
Maximizing national development from the oil and gas sector through local value-add: extracting from an extractive industry
More than the Market, More than the State: Global Commodity Chains and Industrial Upgrading in East Asia
NAFTA and the Apparel Commodity Chain: Corporate Strategies, Interfirm Networks, and Industrial Upgrading
Network Alignment in the Automotive Clusters of Turkey and Poland
New York's Role in the Global Apparel Industry
Organizational Innovation of the Toyota Group
Original Equipment Supply Chains and Auto Component Exports from India
Paradoxes and Ironies of Locational Policy in the New Global Economy
Part 2: Summaries of the Country Case Studies on Apparel Industry Development, Structure and Policies
Policies to improve the supply chain: what needs to be done?
Power and Profits in the Apparel Commodity Chain
Product Development Process Managing in Supply Chain
Regions in the World Economic Triangle
Reshaping the boundaries of the firm: global value chains and lead firm strategies
Sector Case Study - Apparel
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Capital and the State in sub-Saharan Africa
Social Upgrading in Mobile Phone GVCs: Firm-level Comparisons of Working Conditions and Labour Rights
Spatial Division of Competencies and Local Upgrading in the Automotive Industry: Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Findings from Poland
Strategic Reorientations of U.S. Apparel Firms
Subcontracting Networks in the New York City Garment Industry: Changing Characteristics in a Global Era
TexMex: Linkages in a Binational Garment District? The Garment Industries in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez
The effects of global standards on local producers: a Pakistani case study
The Fertilizer Commodity Chains: guano and nitrate, 1840-1930