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Capturing the Gains in Africa: Making the Most of Global Value Chain Participation
Case studies of lead firm governance systems in the context of commercialization of smallholder agriculture in Uganda
Case Study of the Poultry and Grape Raisin Subsectors in Afghanistan
Case Study: Cree, Inc. Local Markets and Global Competitiveness: A Value Chain Analysis
Chile's Offshore Services Value Chain
Competing and Learning in Global Value Chains - Firms Experiences in the Case of Uganda. A Study of Five Export Sub-sectors with Reference to Trade between Uganda and Europe
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Conflict-Sensitive Approaches to Value-Chain Development
Costa Rica in the Electronics Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Upgrading
Costa Rica in the Medical Devices Global Value Chain: Opportunities for Upgrading
Developing Country Firms in the World Economy: Governance and Upgrading in Global Value Chains
Early Lessons Targeting Populations with a Value Chain Approach
End Market Research Toolkit: Upgrading Value Chain Competitiveness with Informed Choice
Engineering Services in the Americas
Export Markets for High-Value Vegetables from Tanzania
Facilitating Behavior Change and Transforming Relationships: Field Application of Key Value Chain Principles
Finance in Value Chain Analysis-A Synthesis Paper
Financing Artichokes and Citrus: A Study of Value Chain Finance in Peru
Foreign Direct Investment in LDCs: Lessons Learned from the Decade 2001–2010 and the Way Forward
Gender and Pro-Poor Value Chain Analysis. Insights from the GATE Project Methodology and Case Studies
Geosynthetics: Coastal Management Applications in the Gulf of Mexico
Ghana Baskets for Export: Case Study
Global Value Chain Analysis: A Primer (2nd Edition)
Global Value Chains and Industrial Policies: Think piece for the E15 Expert Group on Global Value Chains
Global Value Chains: Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications for Policy