Clean, Green and Endless: Renewable Energy and Global Value Chains: Linking Renewable Energy and Food Security in Pakistan: A Global Value Chain Analysis

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This book talks about the energy sector in Pakistan and its current issues, the areas affected by the energy shortage crisis and the implications that has on agricultural production and food security. The various stakeholders involved in the energy sector are identified along with their different levels of interest and influences. The book presents case examples of China and Tajikistan to show the progress these countries are making in the renewable energy domain to resolve food insecurity. It then highlights how Pakistan is integrated in Global Value Chains (GVCs) for renewable energy and food security, where it stands in terms of other countries and how it can upgrade at environmental, socio-economic and technological levels. The book also highlights how through the use of GVC analysis, the link between renewable energy and food security can be made. Furthermore, through the use of different policy tools, this book outlines various policy options in detail and identifies the best alternative. An implementation design and strategy is also laid out. The book concludes by summarizing the main points and by offering recommendations for policy makers and the government in Pakistan.

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