Integrating Moroccan actors into international tourism: the imortance of entry barriers to final markets and their consequences for regional development

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International tourism in the Moroccan mountains is quite a recent phenomenon, dating to the 1980s, when the Moroccan government launched a development project in the peripheral mountain regions. Since then destinations in Morocco have established themselves on the international market and today form an integral part of many tour operators' offerings. This is an undeniable success for these regions, especially because it has enabled many Moroccans to enter the tourism business. But the regional perspective does not tell the whole story; regional upgrading does not necessarily indicate benefits to and entrepreneurial upgrading of all participating players. This article deals with the supply side of mountain tourism in Morocco, revealing the importance of knowledge about access and barriers to profitable activities, about power in business relations and the way they are organized and governed, and thus offering a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of tourism and of its consequences for regional and entrepreneurial development.