Product Development Process Managing in Supply Chain

Today, businesses depend on strategic relations with their customers and suppliers to create value to develop product and to obtain better market-share. Designing products to match the processes and supply chains, processes to match product platforms and supply chains, and supply chains to match the product platforms and process are the ingredients in today’s fast developing markets. If this co-design is done well up front with sufficient focus product development process managing, product will cost much less overall and the time-to-market will decrease substantially. However, the evidence supporting supplier integration is to less clear than evidence on the positive contribution of customer integration in product development process. Considering this problem, the purpose of the present paper is to supply a path aiming to identify managing techniques and practice for the involvement of suppliers in PDP. A model for product development process managing in supply chain was proposed. The model focuses on the following factors: outsourcing process, involving supplier into PDP, knowledge management and design considerations.

Focus Areas