Report of the Expert Group Meeting: Developing a Value Chain Diagnostics Tool for Common Practice at UNIDO

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From September 23-25, 2009 the Expert Group Meeting “Developing a Value Chain Diagnostics Tool for Common Practice at UNIDO” took place in Vienna.  The working paper entitled “Value chain diagnostics for Industrial Development: From theoretical approaches to common practices” was the background material for this meeting. The paper reviews common practices in value chain analysis and development and provides some building blocks for a diagnostic tool for industrial development. A copy of the background paper can be obtained from:

During the meeting, the experts presented their experiences, knowledge and expert opinions. After each presentation there were discussions in smaller groups and in plenary sessions. Through breakout sessions, the participants were asked to elaborate recommendations for the Tool on specific topics. The inputs received from this Expert Group Meeting were used to prepare the Value Chain Diagnostic Tool for industrial development and a manual to guide its use.