The Use of Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Amallholder Agriculture

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Through examining the example of commercial small-scale horticultural farmers in Mt. Kenya region and Mwanza region, this empirical study aims to provide an explanation for why different perspectives on the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Global South exist. A mixed methods approach was used to show that ICT usage can lead to significant improvements, including access to simple and complex knowledge and the development of business linkages. However, the influence of ICT depends on the different ICT usage types and the capabilities of farmers to use them. This paper gives a differentiated view on factors influencing the effects of ICT on small-scale farming. It provides a typology of ICT that helps to explains some of the potential effects of ICT usage in the Global South. The results contribute to the current applied and conceptual debate on market access for smallholders and Information and Communication Technologies for Development.