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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2011 Aponte-García, Maribel Trade Maps, Grandnational Enterprises and Sustainable Regional Chains in the Bolivarian Alliance: Conceptual Framework and Preliminary Analysis. International Journal of Cuban Studies Journal
2010 Mintz-Habib, Nazia Biofuel investment in Tanzania: Omissions in implementation Energy Policy Journal
2009 Schure, Jolien
Ingram, Verina
Awono, Abdon
Kamalandua, Binzangi
From Tree to Tea to CO2 in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a framework for analyzing the market chain of fuelwood around Kinshasa and Kisangani - Working Paper
2015 Kayani, Mahrukh Clean, Green and Endless: Renewable Energy and Global Value Chains: Linking Renewable Energy and Food Security in Pakistan: A Global Value Chain Analysis - Book
2015 Brun, Lukas
Hamrick, Danny
Daly, Jack
The Solar Economy: Widespread Benefits for North Carolina - Report
2008 Gereffi, Gary
Dubay, Kristen
Concentrating Solar Power: Clean Energy for the Electric Grid - Chapter, Book
2009 Dubay, Kristen
Ayee, Gloria
Gereffi, Gary
Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters: Chapter 6 - Chapter, Book
2009 Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
Recycling Industrial Waste Energy: Chapter 7 - Chapter, Book
2009 Dubay, Kristen
Gereffi, Gary
Carbon Capture and Storage: A Post-Combustion Capture Technology: Chapter 8 - Chapter, Book
2009 Ayee, Gloria
Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
Wind Power: Generating Electricity and Employment - Chapter, Book
2014 Bamber, Penny
Guinn, Andrew
Gereffi, Gary
Burundi in the Agribusiness, Coffee and Energy Global Value Chains: Skills for Private Sector Development: Project Overview - Report
2014 Bamber, Penny
Guinn, Andrew
Gereffi, Gary
Burundi in the Energy Global Value Chain: Skills for Private Sector Development - Report
2015 Morris, Mike
Martin, Lucy
Political Economy of Climate-relevant Change Policies: the Case of Renewable Energy in South Africa IDS Evidence Report Report