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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2004 Pietrobelli, Carlo
Rabellotti, Roberta
Upgrading in Clusters and Value Chains in Latin America: The Role of Policies Sustainable Development Department Best Practices Series Working Paper
2004 Hines, Tony Supply Chain Strategies: Customer Driven and Customer Focused - Book
2004 - Local Enterprises in the Global Economy: Issues of Governance and Upgrading - Book, Edited
2004 Humphrey, John Governance in Global Value Chains - Chapter, Edited Book
2004 Humphrey, John
Schmitz, Hubert
Chain Governance and Upgrading: Taking Stock - Chapter, Edited Book
2004 Meyer-Stamer, Jörg Paradoxes and Ironies of Locational Policy in the New Global Economy - Chapter, Edited Book
2004 Messner, Dirk Regions in the World Economic Triangle - Chapter, Edited Book
2004 Nadvi, Khalid
Wältring, Frank
Making Sense of Global Standards - Chapter, Edited Book
2004 Gwynne, Robert N. Clusters and Commodity Chains: Firm responses to Neoliberalism in Latin America Latin American Research Review Journal
2004 Nadvi, Khalid Globalisation and poverty: How can global value chain research inform the policy debate? IDS Bulletin Journal
2004 Mirza, Hafiz
Giroud, Axele
Regional Integration and Benefits from Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN Economies: The Case of Viet Nam Asian Development Review Journal
2004 Carr, Marilyn
Chen, Martha
Globalization, social exclusion and gender International Labour Review Journal
2004 Kappel, Robert Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Capital and the State in sub-Saharan Africa - Chapter, Edited Book