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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2012 - Globalizing Regional Development in East Asia: Production Networks, Clusters, and Entrepreneurship - Book, Edited
2012 Mahutga, Matthew C When do Value Chains go Global? A Theory of the Spatialization of Global Value Chains Global Networks Journal
2012 Keane, Jodie The Governance of Global Value Chains and the Effects of the Global Financial Crisis Transmitted to Producers in Africa and Asia Journal of Development Studies Journal
2012 Gereffi, Gary
Lee, Joonkoo
Why the World Suddenly Cares About Global Supply Chains Journal of Supply Chain Management Journal
2012 Parrilli, M. Davide
Nadvi, Khalid
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Local and Regional Development in Global Value Chains, Production Networks and Innovation Networks: A Comparative Review and the Challenges for Future Research European Planning Studies Journal
2012 Jara, Alejandro
Escaith, Hubert
Global Value Chains, International Trade Statistics and Policymaking in a Flattening World World Economics Journal
2012 Sandoval, Seyka Gobernabilidad y ascenso en las cadenas de valor: discusión conceptual Analisis Economico Journal
2012 Navas-Aleman, Lizbeth
Pietrobelli, Carlo
Kamiya, Marco
Inter-Firm Linkages and Finance in Value Chains IDB Working Paper Series Working Paper
2012 Beaudreau, Bernard Rehabilitating the Factor-Proportions Hypothesis - Working Paper
2012 Beltramello, Andrea
De Backer, Koen
Moussiegt, Laurent
The Export Performance of Countries within Global Value Chains (GVCs) OECD STI Working Papers Working Paper
2012 De Backer, Koen
Yamano, Norihiko
International Comparative Evidence on Global Value Chains OECD STI Working Papers Working Paper
2012 - Trade Competitiveness Diagnostic Toolkit - Book, Edited