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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2013 - Gendered Commodity Chains: Seeing Women and Households in 21st Century Global Production - Book, Edited
2013 Milberg, William
Winkler, Deborah
Outsourcing Economics: Global Value Chains in Capitalist Development - Book
2013 Low, Patrick
Tijaja, Julia
Increasing value from global value chain participation: What role for industrial policy? - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Sandoval, Seyka La formación de la empresa global en el marco de las cadenas de valor - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Cooke, Philip Qualitative Analysis and Comparison of Firm and System Incumbents in the New ICT Global Innovation Network European Planning Studies Journal
2013 Herrigel, Gary
Wittke, Volker
Voskamp, Ulrich
The Process of Chinese Manufacturing Upgrading: Transitioning from Unilateral to Recursive Mutual Learning Relations Global Strategy Journal Journal
2013 Tijaja, Julia The Proliferation of Global Value Chains: Trade policy considerations for Indonesia TKN Report Report
2013 Low, Patrick
Tijaja, Julia
Global Value Chains and Industrial Policies: Think piece for the E15 Expert Group on Global Value Chains E15 Think Piece Report
2013 Persson, Sofia
Jenks, Andrew
Global Value Chains and Services - An Introduction - Working Paper
2013 Renzhog, Magnus Minecraft Brick by Brick - A Case Study of a Global Services Value Chain National Board of Trade Working Papers Working Paper
2013 Tijaja, Julia Standards in Global Value Chains: Rationale, role and implications - Working Paper
2013 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Interconnected Economies: Benefiting from Global Value Chains - Book
2013 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
World Trade Organization
Trade in Value-Added: Concepts, Methodologies, and Challenges - Concept Note
2013 De Backer, Koen
Miroudot, Sebastien
Mapping Global Value Chains OECD Trade Policy Papers Working Paper
2013 Miroudot, Sebastien
Rouzet, Dorothee
Spinelli, Francesca
Trade Policy Implications of Global Value Chains: Case Studies OECD Trade Policy Papers Working Paper
2013 Banga, Rashmi Measuring Value in Global Value Chains UNCTAD Regional Value Chains Background Paper Working Paper
2013 Nathan, Dev
Sarkar, Sandip
Innovation and upgrading in global production networks Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2013 - Thematic Evaluation of UNIDO projects related to "Industrial Upgrading" - Report
2013 Glachant, Matthieu
Dussaux, Damien
Ménière, Yann
Dechezleprêtre, Antoine
Greening Global Value Chains: Innovation and the International Diffusion of Technologies and Knowledge World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper