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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2009 Walters, David Understand the Value Chain Network, Understand the Market, Understand the Industry and Understand the Customer Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management Journal
2011 Escaith, Hubert
Gonguet, Fabien
International Supply Chains as Real Transmission Channels of Financial Shocks Journal of Financial Transformation Journal
2011 Walters, David
Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee
Chapman, Judith
Drivers of Falling Interaction Costs in Global Business Networks Competitiveness Review Journal
2012 Keane, Jodie The Governance of Global Value Chains and the Effects of the Global Financial Crisis Transmitted to Producers in Africa and Asia Journal of Development Studies Journal
2011 Beaudreau, Bernard Vertical Comparative Advantage International Trade Journal Journal
2012 Gereffi, Gary
Lee, Joonkoo
Why the World Suddenly Cares About Global Supply Chains Journal of Supply Chain Management Journal
2013 Cooke, Philip Qualitative Analysis and Comparison of Firm and System Incumbents in the New ICT Global Innovation Network European Planning Studies Journal
2013 Herrigel, Gary
Wittke, Volker
Voskamp, Ulrich
The Process of Chinese Manufacturing Upgrading: Transitioning from Unilateral to Recursive Mutual Learning Relations Global Strategy Journal Journal
2008 Marx, Axel Limits to non-state market regulation: A qualitative comparative analysis of the international sport footwear industry and the Fair Labor Association Regulation and Governance Journal
2012 Parrilli, M. Davide
Nadvi, Khalid
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Local and Regional Development in Global Value Chains, Production Networks and Innovation Networks: A Comparative Review and the Challenges for Future Research European Planning Studies Journal
2012 Jara, Alejandro
Escaith, Hubert
Global Value Chains, International Trade Statistics and Policymaking in a Flattening World World Economics Journal
2012 Sandoval, Seyka Gobernabilidad y ascenso en las cadenas de valor: discusión conceptual Analisis Economico Journal
2008 Kinra, Aseem
Kotzab, Herbert
A Macro-Institutional Perspective on Supply Chain Environmental Complexity International Journal of Production Economics Journal
2014 De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana
Meuwissen, Miranda
Lansink, Alfons Oude
Integrating structure, conduct and performance into value chain analysis Journal on Chain and Network Science Journal
2014 Ingram, Verina
Schure, Jolien
Awono, Abdon
Ndoye, O.
Gender and forest product value chains in the Congo Basin Forest, Trees and Livelihoods Journal
2014 Neilson, Jeffrey
Pritchard, Bill
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Global value chains and global production networks in the changing international political economy Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Yeung, Wai Chung Henry Governing the market in a globalizing era: developmental states, global production networks, and inter-firm dynamics in East Asia Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Neilson, Jeffrey
Pritchard, Bill
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Global value chains and global production networks in the changing international political economy: an introduction Review of International Political Economy Journal
2011 Melz, Laércio J. Avaliação da competitividade da produção de carne de frango em Mato Grosso Revista Brasileira de Gestão e Desenvolvimento Regional Journal
2014 Ponte, Stefano
Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Explaining Governance in Global Value Chains: A Modular Theory-building Effort Review of International Political Economy Journal
2003 Gereffi, Gary
Memedovic, Olga
The Global Apparel Value Chain: What Prospects for Upgrading by Developing Countries? UNIDO Sectoral Studies Series Working Paper
2006 Dunn, Elizabeth
Sebstad, Jennefer
Batzdorff, Lisa
Parsons, Holly
Lessons Learned on MSE Upgrading in Value Chains AMAP microREPORT Report
2003 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Memedovic, Olga
Morris, Mike
Readman, Jeff
The Global Wood Furniture Value Chain: What Prospects for Upgrading by Developing Countries? UNIDO Sectoral Studies Series Working Paper
2001 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Readman, Jeff
Integrating SMEs in Global Value Chains: Towards Partnership for Development - Report
2009 Van Assche, Ari Are We Making a Dragon Out of a Dragonfly? Chinas Role in Global Production Networks Rapport Bourgogne/Burgundy Report Report
2009 Krywulak, Tim
Kukushkin, Vadim
Big Gains with Small Partners: What MNCs Look for in Their SME Suppliers International Trade and Investment Centre Research Reports Report
2013 Tijaja, Julia The Proliferation of Global Value Chains: Trade policy considerations for Indonesia TKN Report Report
2013 Low, Patrick
Tijaja, Julia
Global Value Chains and Industrial Policies: Think piece for the E15 Expert Group on Global Value Chains E15 Think Piece Report
2000 Kaplinsky, Raphael Spreading the Gains from Globalisation: What Can Be Learned from Value Chain Analysis? IDS Working Paper Working Paper
2000 Humphrey, John
Schmitz, Hubert
Governance and Upgrading: Linking Industrial Cluster and Global Value Chain Research IDS Working Paper Working Paper
2003 Humphrey, John Opportunities for SMEs in Developing Countries to Upgrade in a Global Economy ILO SEED Working Paper Working Paper
2007 Birch, Kean Knowledge, Place and Power: Conceptualising Value Creation in Knowledge-Based Commodity Chains Centre for Public Policy for Regions (CPPR) Working Paper
2008 Keane, Jodie A 'new' approach to global value chain analysis - Working Paper
2008 Bolwig, Simon
Ponte, Stefano
Du Toit, Andries
Riisgaard, Lone
Halberg, Neils
Integrating Poverty, Gender and Environmental Concerns into Value Chain Analysis: A Conceptual Framework and Lessons for Action Research DIIS Working Paper Working Paper
2008 Riisgaard, Lone
Bolwig, Simon
Matose, Frank
Du Toit, Andries
Ponte, Stefano
Halberg, Neils
A Strategic Framework and Toolbox for Action Research with Small Producers in Value Chains DIIS Working Paper Working Paper
2006 Ishengoma, Esther
Kappel, Robert
Economic Growth and Poverty: Does Formalisation of Informal Enterprises Matter? GIGA Working Paper Working Paper
1998 Kaplinsky, Raphael Globalization, Industrialization and Sustainable Growth: The Pursuit of the Nth Rent IDS Discussion Paper Working Paper
2009 Brach, Juliane
Kappel, Robert
Global Value Chains, Technology Transfer and Local Firm Upgrading in Non-OECD Countries GIGA Working Paper Working Paper
2010 Brandt, Loren
Thun, Eric
The fight for the middle: upgrading, competition, and industrial development in China World Development Journal
2009 Meil, Pamela How value chains grow in the IT sector - R&D, software development and it support services and how this affects work Industry Studies Association Working Paper
2006 Palit, Amitendu Technological Upgradation through Global Value Chains: Challenges before BIMSTEC Nations CSIRD Discussion Paper Working Paper
2010 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Farooki, Masuma
What are the Implications for Global Value Chains when the Market Shifts from the North to the South? World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper
2009 Gooch, Martin
Felfel, Abdel Samie
Characterizing the Ideal Model of Value Chain Management and Barriers to its Implementation - Working Paper
2011 Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Memedovic, Olga
Mapping Global Value Chains: Intermediate Goods Trade and Structural Change in the World Economy UNIDO Development Policy and Strategic Research Branch Working Paper Working Paper
2010 Kobrin, Stephen Economic Governance in a Networked World Economy: Global Production Networks, Territoriality and Political Authority - Working Paper
2009 Escaith, Hubert Trade Collapse, Trade Relapse and Global Production Networks: Supply Chains in the Great Recession MPRA Working Paper Working Paper
2010 Barrientos, Stephanie
Gereffi, Gary
Rossi, Arianna
Economic and social upgrading in global production networks: developing a framework for analysis Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2012 Navas-Aleman, Lizbeth
Pietrobelli, Carlo
Kamiya, Marco
Inter-Firm Linkages and Finance in Value Chains IDB Working Paper Series Working Paper
2012 Beaudreau, Bernard Rehabilitating the Factor-Proportions Hypothesis - Working Paper
2013 Persson, Sofia
Jenks, Andrew
Global Value Chains and Services - An Introduction - Working Paper